Julia mirkovich

Owner/ Executive Director

Julia has enjoyed co-creating with so many wonderful artists on creative projects during her professional career as a dancer and actress but her true passion has and will always be teaching children the craft she loves. She created Puttin’ On Productions, POPs, in 2007 and seven years later opened The Academy of Dramatic Arts, or TADA Stages. She has directed, choreographed, and/or produced nearly fifty youth productions.

Julia has recently received her certification in Success Coaching for children and adults, supporting her self-empowerment curriculum for children, The Hero’s Journey. This workbook parallels the rehearsal and character development process allowing students to strengthen their inner voice. She will also be releasing her debut teen urban fantasy fiction novel, Finding Light, in the spring of 2019. She is a proud mom of Jonah and Jett and grateful she has her husband Mark to share the joys of creating this sacred space for children to learn and grow.