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Footloose: The Musical - Character Breakdown Cont'd

Lulu Warnicker – Ethel’s sister/Ren’s Aunt. 

Wes Warnicker – Lulu’s husband.

Coach Roger Dunbar – Gym teacher and wrestling coach at the high school

Eleanor Dunbar – Coach Dunbar’s wife, chair of the town council.

Principal Clark – principal of Bomont high school, can be male or female

Betty Blast – owner of the Burger Blast, where the teenagers hang out after school. Older, a little eccentric.

Urleen – Ariel and Rusty’s friend. Sings in trio with Rusty.

Wendy-Jo – Ariel and Rusty’s friend. Sings in trio with Rusty.

Chuck Cranston – high school drop out, town bad boy, Ariel’s grungy boyfriend at the top of the show. Sings “Girl Gets Around.”

Lyle – friend of Chuck – sings back up in “Girl Gets Around”

Travis – friend of Chuck - sings back up in “Girl Gets Around”

Jeter – friend of Ren and Willard – Sings back up in “Mama Says”

Bickle – friend of Ren and Willard - Sings back up in “Mama Says”

Garvin – friend of Ren and Willard - Sings back up in “Mama Says”

Chicago club dancers/ Bar-B-Que dancers – dancers in the opening
numbers of each act – will double as other parts.

Cowboy Bob – singer at the Bar-B-Que restaurant/bar. Hits on Rusty,
to Willard’s dismay. Sings “Still Rockin’” will be doubled with other

Bomont townspeople and students (ensemble)

Marcela Carmona is a native daughter of  L.A., and an accomplished singer, songwriter, pianist, recording and performing artist, orchestra conductor, and a composer for film and theater. With 18 years of teaching experience in various instruments (including piano and voice), Marcela has developed methods to inspire the love of creative expression in students of all ages. PAST MINI POPs shows include Bye Bye Birdie, Anything Goes, Camp Rock and Little Mermaid. In addition to working with
the Mini POPs, she music directed Rising Stars Little Mermaid Fall 2017 as well as The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee this season. Marcela firmly believes that you are never too young or too old to learn. When not creating music, and music directing, Marcela also works as an instructor for TADA Stages, teaching voice and 3Arts combo classes to kids ages 3 through high school. 

A dance instructor and choreographer for over 20 years, Hazel has a BA in dance from San Jose State University and has choreographed and directed over 25 musicals with POPs since its inception in 2007. Community and Youth Theater recent credits include Legally Blonde, Beauty and the Beast, Chicago, Peter Pan, Oliver and Seussical. Regional theater credits include LA Times Critic’s Choice Award Winner A Chorus Line, Sheila Callaghan’s Elevada, (Chance Theater) and Right Angle Entertainment's Musical Thrones: A Parody of Ice and Fire National Tour. Founder and Artistic Director of Kairos Dance Company (est. 2006), modern choreography credits include  Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival (winner), sjDANCEco ChoreoFest (winner) and Kairos’ full-length show, Paradigm at Tim Robbins’ Actor’s Gang in Culver City.  



Ren McCormack
Male - any actor playing Ren has not only got to be able to sing and dance and act – he must also be witty. Ren is a cut up, a joker who enjoys a good time, and very charismatic. Lately, though, his fun-loving attitude has taken on a tone of desperation,  as he tries too hard to convince the world, and himself, that his father’s desertion hasn’t wounded him as deeply as it has. Ariel is the first person to get Ren to talk about this; sharing that intimacy early on becomes the basis for their relationship. Sings “I Can’t Stand Still” “I’m Free” and “Almost Paradise”

Reverend Shaw Moore

Male – Rev. Moore is charismatic and charming. Shaw has a quick mind, a loving heart, and a sense of humor, all of which endear him to his congregation. While trying to be strong for so many people, however, he continues to mourn the death of his son – the one person he could not save. Sings “Heaven Help Me”

Vi Moore

Female – Despite the loss of her son and the strained relationship with her husband, Vi fully understands what kind of unflagging good humor she must display in order to keep her household – and her husband’s congregation – running smoothly. And with her plucky irreverence, she gives us a glimpse of what life with Shaw was like before the tragedy, when theirs was a marriage both passionate and playful. Sings “Learning To Be Silent” and “Can You Find It In Your Heart?”

Ariel Moore

Female– Ariel is smart; she understands the rules of the different worlds she moves between and, in each situation, she plays her part brilliantly. When she’s in her father’s presence, for instance, she is buttoned-up and demure; with Chuck, she burns off all her unexpressed, explosive energy with raucous, thrill- seeking behavior. Ariel loves to laugh, but her high spirits are, quite often, her attempt to keep a lid on the grief she feels about her brother’s death and the loss of her once loving relationship with her father. Sings “The Girl Gets Around,” “Holding
Out for a Hero” and “Almost Paradise”

Ethel McCormack

Female - Where does Ren get his intelligence, his resilience and his sense of humor from? From his mother, of course! It’s hard for Ethel to be living in her sister’s home, and abiding by her brother-in-law’s rules, but she never succumb to the pathos of her situation; after all, she has to be strong for Ren. Their mutual loss has brought them closer together, and they share a teasing, good- natured relationship. Sings “Learning to be Silent”

​Willard Hewitt
Male – Willard is not dumb; he is a gentle soul with quick fists, which are his defense against a world that he often has trouble comprehending. Willard just hasn’t had anyone come along to puncture that macho belligerence – until Ren arrives. After that, the humor in the character of Willard derives from his gradual, innocent and giddy discovery of the new worlds that Ren opens up to him. Sings “Mama Says”

Female – Rusty may come off as sassy and self-assured, but, in many ways, she is the most deeply romantic character in Footloose. She truly believes that she and Willard were meant to be together, but they are both so inept about expressing themselves that it takes Ren – and a little time on the dance floor – to ultimately bring that about. Sings “Somebody’s Eyes” “Holding Out for a Hero” and “Let’s Hear It For The Boy”



FOOTLOOSE explodes onto the stage with classic 80s anthems including Holding Out For A Hero, Almost Paradise, Let’s Hear It For The Boy, and of course the title track, Footloose. Life in small-town Bomont is peaceful until City boy, Ren, arrives. Breaking every taboo, Ren brings dance back to the heart of a town held back by the memory of a tragedy. Based on the hit 80s movie (which launched the careers of Kevin Bacon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jon Lithgow), FOOTLOOSE has become a stage musical phenomenon. Dancing is not a crime; to miss Footloose would be!

marcela carmona

​music Director

Ashley is proud to be the POPs Producer and Director of Tech Artisans. A child of humble beginnings, Ashley grew up doing shows at school and in community theater. After receiving her BA in Drama, Honors in Stage Management – Ashley freelanced as a stage manager; working with such companies as Dallas Theater Center and The Geffen Playhouse. Eventually Ashley landed at POPs where she found her home. Ashley recognizes the empowering and healing properties of theater and the family and community it creates. It is a dream come true to pass that gift along to the future generation of theater-makers both on AND offstage!