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"It has been our dream to create a place for young people where they can express themselves confidently, develop self-acceptance, and find their own voice through the arts. Thanks to the invaluable support from our POPs families over the past seven years, we continue to nurture and develop confident and caring citizens of tomorrow. POPs is a dream come true!" 

- Julia Mirkovich, POPs Founder/Executive Director


"As we see it, good gets good, so be the change you wish to see and give the kids of the future the chance to bring their truest selves out. "


POPs mission is to train and educate students in all aspects of theater, while cultivating an atmosphere that emphasizes teamwork, passion, focus and self-confidence. Our goal is to aid in the development of life skills that will inspire our students to become exemplary artists, patrons, leaders and champions of the arts.

Founders Julia and Mark Mirkovich started POPs in 2007 by opeining a youth musical theater summer camp. Since then, the organization has produced over 100 shows, workshops, classes, special events and new programming. Julia- having a background as a performer and as a dance teacher for many years- wanted to create a space that was more than just a theatre program, but a magical place for young people to find out who they are.